Beneful Gives Dogs Choices They Can Sink Into

We love our dogs. Ours furry four legged friends are the best any human could ask for. With that, these furry companions deserve the very best filling their doggie dishes each day. That is why most pet owners choose Beneful pet food products. Instead of artificial additives processed into dog food, Beneful uses natural ingredients giving dogs the taste of meat they love while their doggie bodies get the proteins and nutrients they need. This is why Beneful creates a wide array of products of many different dogs with different needs.

The first choice for many dog owning consumers comes in the form of Beneful’s Original dry formula mix. This dry dog food is packed full of antioxidants to keep a canine’s immune system going strong with each bite. Beneful’s Original is a mix of tender and hard bits designed to give dogs a full serving of daily nutrients. This choice is ideal for the average dog whose owner wants to keep their pet going strong.

Growing up and growing strong is not just a part of human life. Puppies need all the love and healthy eating choices as well to grow up happy and energetic. That is why there is Beneful Healthy Puppy dog food. This mix is packed full of honest to goodness real chicken to make sure that little ball of fur gets a full daily serving of nutrients. Happy Puppy formula is also loaded with DHA to ensure a pup’s brain will grow strong and sharp.

For owners wanting to help keep their dog’s weight at a healthy level Beneful has created Healthy Weight dry dog food. Also full of authentic pieces of chicken and accented with apples, this mix will allow your dog to get the taste doggies love in a low calorie dish.

Dogs who crave a savory juicer choice in their food will not be disappointed when owners open up any helping of Beneful’s wet dog food choices. Chopped Blends wet dog food is just one option to get those canine mouths watering. A mix of real beef, tomatoes and carrot Chopped Blends has a unique texture that breaks easy for fast and nutritious meal for your dog.

Owners everywhere love their dogs. That is why they choose Beneful dog foods. Choose from a wide assortment to give your dog the real meaty taste they deserve.


The Tragedy of the European Union According to George Soros

The European Union has obviously been confronting the hardest years of its presence in most recent years. These issues have gradually manifested themselves since the wake of the worldwide economic recession of 2008.

One opinion from prominent investment banker and socio-political lobbyist George Soros highlights the absence of initiative and reason in solving the current problems. The entire European Union alliance has been condemned for dismissing the essential rule that prompted its arrangement. According to his assessment on Project Syndicate, the union lacks leadership and unity.

George Soros utilizes the Russian offensive around its immediate neighbors to prove his attestations. Russia has scaled its utilization of military power both locally and along its outskirts. The most recent clash with Ukraine has undermined the peaceful nature of the region and threatened to grow into a war leaving many individuals defenseless.

European residents are losing confidence in the framework. The latest territorial parliamentary decisions saw minority parties’ gatherings a third of the constituent seats. This result uncovers the hatred and disregard among the part states. As indicated by Soros, the reality remains for itself, the activities of states like Russia undermine the soul and personality of the European Union.

The decision to disregard bargain commitments by Russia dishonors the self-sufficiency of the local alliance. The circumstances deteriorate with the hesitance of nations to go up to Russia. Such limited actions make Russia’s relative power stronger. Meanwhile, displaced people have been looking for shelter from the crippling Middle East. As the displaced people stream in, relentless extremists have also infiltrated the European territory.

In this piece on Marketwatch, George Soros highlights the narrow-mindedness and inclination to protect individual nation’s safety in place of compassionate care for asylum seekers. The asylum seekers have further been antagonized by European authorities. The lack of a standard policy agreement on refugee management has led to a humanitarian crisis in the region. The Syrian conflict and resulting humanitarian emergency must receive the intervention of the entire region. George Soros affirms that humanitarianism must be applied when dealing with the disaster.

Likewise, we must open up our brains to differences and figure out how to regard different qualities. Along these lines, we learn together and make the burden of life easier. Soros has earned the title of a change creator and global influencer. His endeavors to bolster human rights, voting system and empowerment form the premise of the Open Society associations around the globe. George Soros altruism systems have added to the improvement of a good Ukraine society. He observes a new society with proper administrative structures and the political contribution of the citizenry.

These qualities advance his open society. In Europe, he offered to back to the anti-socialist movement. He constructed schools and foundations of higher figuring out how to bolster scholarly improvement in Germany. At the Central European University, for instance, many thinkers and policy makers were nurtured as part of a program sponsored by George Soros. His greatest lesson to us remains the service we owe ourselves to look after the human race.

Eric Pulier-Seasoned Investor

Silicon Valley is known for its entrepreneurial spirit as well as the people who constantly strive to innovate upon what has been built previously. One man has succeeded in achieving this feat while standing apart from the crowd as the number one investor Sandhill Road, and his name is Eric Pulier.

Eric started his career at Harvard University where he studied literature in hopes of becoming a writer. He wrote a critically acclaimed weekly column for the Harvard Crimson. It was there that he formed his idealistic ideas and spiritual attitudes towards investing. Having deep, philosophical conversations with dozens of brilliant students based around his column… Who of which are amongst the smartest people in the world, caused his mind to sharpen in preparation for his ventures ahead in the tech world.

As someone who develops successful businesses like a printing machine, he definitely made his presence known amongst the world’s greatest investors and venture capitalists by ensuring that every one of the 16 businesses became wildly successful before he sold them off to anxious investors for a hefty profit.

When Pulier builds a groundbreaking, industry disrupting business, he always knows exactly what consumers need most, therefore he has been able to inspire venture capitalists to invest over half $1 billion into his projects. He made a lot of money as a startup founder, yet he has arguably made more of it as a world-class startup investor and seasoned mentor.

After he wrote his brilliant book, he decided that he wanted to invest and mentor other startup founders just like him, therefore he invested all of his money as an angel investor. The art and science of angel investing came extremely easy for Pulier, as he scouted only the smartest, brightest and most innovative minds that Silicon Valley had to offer. In addition to the security that his mentorship provided his assortment startup founders, he was able to build and sell each of the companies that he invested in as he earned himself over $150 million while Angel investing only 10 million of his dollars.

Eric Pulier has definitely made it enormous strides in the world of philanthropy by not only donating millions of dollars to various charities and organizations, but by helping handicapped and impoverished children exist in a more enjoyable states by increasing their quality of living. He developed a virtual reality game where kids with diabetes could walk through their bodies and see how sugar affects blood cells and different organs, what happens when they eat healthy amongst other things. His contribution to diabetes research inspired these kids to eat healthy as opposed to demanding it.

With all of his investments and variety of passions, it’s no wonder why Eric Pulier is one of Silicon Valley’s most notable and respected figures and will continue to be so for as long as a history book exists.

Healthcare Companies in 2015

There are very many health care companies today in the United States. One, in particular, that also owns one urgent care clinic located in Houston, Texas, as well as two other imaging centers called Northstar Healthcare Inc on In addition to this, Northstar also owns and manages interests in five ambulatory surgery centers in: Scottsdale Arizona, Dallas, and three in Houston.

Northstar also owns and operates/manages in two imaging centers as well as one specializing as an urgent care clinic in Houston. This particular healthcare company has just put out several forward looking news releases, which are based on their financial expectations, estimates, forecasts, and projections as well as announcing to the public that they are now Nobilis Health Inc. Nobilis Health on cantechletter president, Fleming announced to the United States that, “We are happy to announce and introduce our patients, physician-partners, and investors to Nobilis Health Corp.” in Houston last December 5th. Continuing on, “This particular change is part of our expansion into the U.S. capital markets. By changing into Nobilis’ we will avoid potential confusion with companies and funds using the ‘Northstar’ name on exchanges in the United States. We have a registration statement currently pending with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and we expect to obtain a dual listing on a notable United States exchange in early 2015. Nobilis Health will continue to trade on the TSX under the symbol ‘NHC.’ The company will begin trading on the TSX under the name ‘Nobilis Health Corp.’ in the next several trading days pending final TSX clearance.” Further information is discussed on the Company’s official website.

One of the bigger, more recognized healthcare company operating in the United States today in our day in age is McKesson health. Earning a rough $138 billion in just the past year of 2014, their year-to-year revenue change is 12.7%. They have now earned the title as “the United States’ largest and fastest growing pharmaceutical distributor.” McKesson can credit their large rising sales in both wholesale and specialty drug distribution segment, as well as its increased stake in Celesio. McKesson is San Francisco based, and acquired just a little over half of their German company in October of 2013, giving the distributor a bigger presence in the global generic-drug market. McKesson then claimed the rest of their company finally in just the beginning months of last year and has been busy integrating the new purchase.

Ranked number fourteen on the “Fortune 500 Rank” as well as earning a little over $130.5 billion in the year of 2014 alone with a 6.5% year-over-year revenue change is a company that most of us in our twenties and thirties have recognized our whole lives, UnitedHealth Group.

UnitedHealth Group offers their large range of variety in different health benefits and services and provides to a whopping eighty-five million health care patients, as of today. United even surpasses popular health insurers that many are familiar with, including the likes of Anthem and Kaiser-Foundation Group. Optum is United’s largest health arm, and includes benefits such as its own pharmacy and health data analytics, is growing fast as a Minnesota-based unit, with sales skyrocketing over fifteen percent in just this past year. As they are the main focus for 2015, we are sure to see much more of the Optum Health group, operating in its creator- UnitedHealth Group.

Technology Innovator Shaygan Kheradpir Proves That Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Dr. Shaygan Kheradpir is active on Twitter. He is a Cornell University engineering graduate who has transformed his love for technology into the development of functional consumer products. Kheradpir has also saved corporations millions of dollars by using his business aptitude and executive leadership skills to streamline administrative processes that interface with technological products, resources, customers, business alliances and services. Kheradpir is a native of London who grew up in Iran and America. Kheradpir was part of the generation of technological pioneers as he worked with GTE Labs in the 1980s. His work is partly responsible for the rapid and efficient development of network routing systems. As a result of his remarkable accomplishments at GTE Labs, he quickly rose into the executive arena and held the position of Chief Information Officer where he was praised for delivering quality products and for never missing a deadline. When GTE merged its forces with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon Communications in the year 2000, the two giants inadvertently gave Kheradpir an opportunity to shine as a corporate leader and as a technical guru. Apparently, Kheradpir got the memo because he increased his stock by validating the merger with the advancement of technological products and services that made history within the technology sector. Kheradpir served as the president of Verizon’s ebusiness services, but soon after he was appointed Verizon’s first Chief Information Officer while he simultaneously held the position of Chief Technology Officer. Kheradpir wasted no time in assuring Verizon that they made the right choice by making him the lead executive for the development of new technology products. In his new role, Kheradpir formed two teams that consisted of 7,000 employees, and he instituted a policy that required them to test prototype technologies in a 30-day cycle. As a result of his aggressive management style and his highly technical leadership skills, products like FiOS, DVR, Verizon One and others were born. In addition to showcasing his technological leadership at Verizon Communications, Kheradpir also flexed his administrative skills and made some genius adjustments to the corporate side of Verizon’s technology sector. His administrative changes created more efficient systems and saved Verizon millions of dollars by revamping its call centers, automated systems, relationships with 3rd party vendors and more. After 10 years of service with Verizon, Kheradpir moved on to new challenges and he accepted a position as the Chief Operating Officer at Barclay’s. Kheradpir wasted no time and successfully developed and deployed Barclay’s famed Pingit mobile payment system, and he eventually received additional responsibilities as the Chief Technology Officer. Big industry companies seem to gravitate toward Kheradpir and offer him executive positions at every turn, for after he left Barclay’s he accepted a CEO position at Juniper Networks followed by accepting a CEO position at Coriant. As a result of Kheradpir’s track record, he has proven to the industry that he has a skill for balancing technological innovation and managing administrative departments. He has proven that he can amass teams of talented people and lead them by structuring sound business models that are designed to evolve as business norms change and as the needs of consumers, employees, investment stakeholders, and the global community changes. Kheradpir has a good vision for growth and he is able to forecast the trends that will exist decades before its time. To say that Kheradpir has his finger on the pulse of technological innovation would be an understatement; as he is consistently spot-on with designing systems that reflect the needs and demands of the techno-consumer market.

Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park’s Brave Voice

Standing up today’s world often involves many skills. Someone who is going to be part of this worldwide movement must be willing to stand up and speak out even when doing so is hard for them. In many cases, the human rights activist will need to stand to people who are far more powerful than they are and do so knowing that so means facing up to criticism that can be harsh and personal. In some instances, an activist may even know that her willingness to stand up means that her life and the lives of even her distant relatives may be in danger as a result of her activism.

Despite such risks, many people still choose to speak out anyway. Someone who has spoken out with great grace is North Korean activist Yeonmi Park. Park is a noted human rights activist who grew up in North Korea and has chosen to be involved in helping to push forward the North Korean government in order to help create many necessary reforms in this society. Her decision to do so is extremely brave and even dangerous. The North Korean government is run by a group of paranoia people who are terrified that they will be forced out of power. Such people are also noted for having a very strong grip on this nation, making dissent an often scary decision for both natives and those who have left the place.

Park, like those few people who have been allowed to escape this nation, has found that doing so carries risks including that of having her story questioned as well as threats against the relatives that she has still has who live here at the present time. The government of North Korea has been known to punish entire families for the transgressions of a single member of the family. Officials have punished family members even with the slightest connection to someone they consider dangerous. As a result, human rights activists such as Park have had to make the hard decision whether or not to stand up and face serious risks or keep quiet and remain silent about the terrible conditions they know exist in this part of the world.

And yet, this has not stopped Park from speaking out. Yeonmi Park has repeatedly told on her book on Amazon the world about her experiences as a child in this land. Her childhood was fraught with daily peril and hardship that seem almost unimaginable. In many instances, she like many other North Korean children, was not given enough food to eat each day. She was often forced to eat less than filling foods that are usually not consumed other than in dire circumstances such as grass and bugs. As a a result, she barely avoided starving to dead despite the fact that North Korea should have enough resources to feed their people and provide for the caloric needs of all those who live here. The nation’s brutal leaders do nothing to help the people they are supposed to be governing.

Magic Mike XXL Becomes A Vehicle For Many Actors

Channing Tatum started the Magic Mike craze by making a movie about his life before he became a famous movie star, and he is making sequels to the movie to give other actors a place to show their own talents. Crystal Hunt has made her way from soap operas to the big screen, and Magic Mike XXL is her big break in the movie industry. Channing Tatum has kept himself relevant with his Magic Mike movies, and this article explores how Crystal Hunt can become the next Hollywood “it girl” after starring in Magic Mike XXL.

#1: Crystal Hunt Is The Next Young Star

Crystal Hunt is a gorgeous young lady who started as a teen star on soap operas. Her starring roles on soap operas led to roles in other shows that allowed her to become a popular character actor. Many moviegoers may recognize her because of the appearances she has made on other favored TV shows. Magic Mike XXL gives Crystal a chance to be a flirty and sexy vixen as the main love interest.

#2: Playing The Gorgeous Blonde

Crystal is a lovely blonde who works perfectly as the main love interest in Magic Mike XXL. She is a fresh face on the screen, and her youthful appearance allows her to play characters a bit younger than her. She brings a brightness to the screen that is new, and she is the kind of girl who makes the screen light up because of her amazing beauty and plain-spoken nature.

#3: Making The Movie More Interesting

The original Magic Mike was a movie about make strippers, and Channing Tatum wanted to make a movie about hard it is to work in any part of the adult entertainment industry. His subsequent movies give him a chance to introduce other characters to the Magic Mike universe, and these new characters are helping build a brand. Crystal Hunt is one of these fresh faces, and she can use this movie to get other roles that will make her truly famous.

Crystal Hunt talks about her turn in the sequel Magic Mike XXL on facebook, saying this is her chance to make herself known to the American public as a whole. She is the freshest face on the screen in the new movie, and she will be easier to recognize in new movies that feature her in starring roles. This movie will be remembered as her coming out party as a movie star.

Writing Articles For Wikipedia On Get Your Wiki

Learning how to write articles in an appealing fashion is difficult at first, and often takes many years to do. Wikipedia articles also take lots of time to get correct. Many of the contributors get onto Wikipedia have edited and created articles for a long time and are familiar with all the ins and outs of Wikipedia. There is a certain code of rules that writers and editors need to follow.

Formatting Wikipedia articles is difficult for those who do not have extensive experience with Wikipedia. The best way to learn to format properly is easily done by reading many articles. Do not bother with reading articles that are not top rated, because they may not be the best examples of formatting.

Colors other than black should not be used for text in the body of a piece of literature.

The style of the article is meant to inform readers. The tone of the article should be one that an encyclopedia has, rather than something a non-informative article has.

All the information that is used in a Wikipedia article is meant to be one hundred percent true all of the time. If there are any readers of an article that has any false information whatsoever that know they have come across false information they will not want to read that article any longer and will view everything they read as misleading.

Get Your Wiki is a company that gives clients Wikipedia articles. They can do anything a business or person might want to do with an article, and is very cheap. The official website for this Wikipedia creation service is Get Your Wiki is by far one of the best companies of its kind on the internet by far, and one of the pioneers of their trade.

Sentences should not use any words or phrases that are intended to spruce up a post. These words do not fit how encyclopedias are written. Wikipedia takes after real encyclopedias such as World Book, even though they can be edited by just about any person.

The first sentence of an article should be very concise and not contain any words or phrases that do not contribute to the article well. Remember that the first thing someone will see is the first sentence, so it really does matter how well you format that first sentence. Sometimes it is actually best to write the rest of an article before you get to the title and first sentence.

Andy Wirth: Reno’s Clean Energy Champion


The Reno City Council joined a growing number of businesses in it’s region when it voted to support the Clean Power Plan. In an op-ed piece that he wrote and published in the Reno Gazette-Journal, environmentalist and Squaw Valley Ski Holdings CEO Andy Wirth applauded the move that he says will help shift the region away from dirty coal and toward cleaner and renewable energy.
Wirth, who is a contributing supporter of the Truckee River Watershed Council, has some concerns about the state of the Reno area’s environment. Despite access to geothermal and solar energy, they still burn coal at a nearby power plant — which has contributed greatly to the region’s poor air quality and dirty carbon footprint. This has Wirth urging citizens of the region to put pressure on elected officials to exhibit leadership in the shift toward green energy.
Sound environmental policy can not only exist with a thriving economy, it can strengthen it. Three companies that assert that clean energy is the future — Microsoft, Tesla and Apple — are opening facilities in the region. Greater Reno has the opportunity to become an example and lead the rest of the country in the shift toward environmentally sustainable economic growth.
Andy Wirth is the president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is the parent company of Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski resorts in Olympic Valley, CA. He began his 29 year resort industry career with Steamboat Springs Resort and moved up within the company quickly until leaving in 2010 to replace Nancy Cushing as president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has received many awards for innovation and excellence in his industry as well as philanthropic recognition for his commitment to the environment and society in general.
Wirth serves as an inspiration to many. In 2013, he survived a skydiving accident in which he veered off course and landed on a vineyard trellis. He was able to survive by applying pressure to his arm to slow bleeding. He was back to work only 50 days after nearly losing his life and enduring 23 surgeries.

Susan Mcgalla the Woman at Helm

It is very hard for an entrepreneur to share the strategies they use to succeed because they are personal. Any woman who wants to achieve their goal of been the best in the industry must first define their expectations of success. They need to understand the position they are at and the capability they have to move to the next level. When looking for a business to venture in, they should make sure they pick one that they like. Concentrating in what they love doing increases their productivity at work. They should also understand their weaknesses before settling for a business idea.

To be the best they need to practice by creating opportunities. They need to be risk takers and participate in new and special projects, join new teams, and work on assignments that no one can handle. Join new firms and work as an intern or volunteer is a step towards walking away from the comfort zone and moving towards success. Learning a new language and travelling to new places gives them a chance to explore various opportunities. Enrolling in a course that relates to their interest helps, they gain professional skills. Embracing a new hobby is another step in gaining self-confidence and competence in the area of their interest.

Create and cultivate relationships with other people. Networking with women who have made it in their business will help the learners get knowledge about the strategies to use to get to their goals. Working together as a group helps in brainstorming ideas, solving problems efficiently, and tackling tough assignments. While working as a team, they should take the duty of guiding the others and showing them the strategies to use just like a leader. They should create a plan that shows specific time an activity must take place. To become successful, they must first have the power to exercise self-discipline. Discipline means they never postpone any activity, and they work to ensure they achieve the required results.

Successful women encourage fellow women to participate in serving the community. Helping others will give them a chance to identify new skills that they can turn to profitable investments. They must be in a position to share their victory with other investors and the team members. Celebrating after an achievement is the best method to make all participants feel appreciated and motivated to achieve more. The woman can also pursue a business course to learn about the management principles necessary for running a business.

Susan McGalla, 41, is the chief merchandise officer and the President of America Eager Outfitters. The executive consultant began her career life at Joseph Home Company as a marketer and a manager for around eight years. She has worked in various companies in different positions. Over the years, she has gained skills and experience in mobilizing resources and leading by example. Bizjournals guru Susan Mcgalla established P3 Executive Consulting firm. The American businessperson works in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth. She attended Mount Union College and pursued a degree in marketing, and is a member of the board of advisors in the college.