Truly Happy Dogs Are Fed Beneful Brand Foods

What exactly does a happy dog look like? People picture happy dog as one that wags its tail a lot, runs around a lot, and is generally in good spirits. It doesn’t take a lot to make a happy dog, but it’s not as simple as petting them from time to time. There are several components that go into creating a happy dog, and some people are not willing to do it. Some pet owners are neglectful of their dogs, and they may simply feed them and put shelter over their heads. Dogs need a lot more affection than simply being cared for, especially if they are to be happy.

The same way a child wants hugs, kisses, and love from their parents, it’s the same way a dog wants affection from their master on Dogs will run, jump and play with their owners because they are showing them affection. If a dog owner shows their pet the same affection that the dog is giving them, they are more likely to have happy dogs. Another thing that makes dogs happy is being cared for. A dog must be fed properly, groomed properly, and kept safe if they are to be happy dogs.

While some people don’t go far enough to make their dogs happy, there are others that go out of their way to please their dogs. Instead of building a dog house, the dog owner may build their dog a small mansion in the back yard. Instead of leaving the dog bare, they may buy their dog clothes. Some pet owners will even buy excessive amounts of toys and playthings for their dogs, just to keep them happy. There’s nothing wrong with going overboard to make a dog happy because it’s no different than doing everything possible to make a child happy, even if it means spoiling them.

When it comes to the food that a dog is eating, in order to make the dog happy they must have great food. Beneful is not only a great food, but it’s a nutritious food that’s made especially for dogs. Beneful foods are tasty, and many dogs love the chewy goodness of the dry dog food. The dry dog food is made from real ingredients, so the pet owners are able to understand what they are feeding their pets. Beneful brand dog foods are also affordable, so it’s something that the general population would be able to feed to their dog.

Many pet owners love the fact that Beneful has both wet dog food as well is dry dog food, so they have a choice as to which dog food they’ll feed their pet each day. Maybe the pets would want a dry dog food on a certain day, and then the next day they may be fed the wet dog food. Another thing that Beneful has is treats, and it’s something that dogs go crazy over. Many dogs love Beneful treats, especially when it’s given to them as a reward for good behavior.

Doe Deere and Her Lime Crime Company

Doe Deere has been striving to provide individuals with the most creative, beautiful forms of makeup for the last several years. Doe Deere herself is no stranger to style, design and makeup, which is exactly why she has come to provide this sort of new age beauty product line to the local community. So, for anyone who is looking for a bit of color and flair in their line of makeup, then it is time to check out what Doe Deere and her company Lime Crime is able to do for them.

Doe Deere came over to the United States from Russia with an eye towards fashion and music. During her early years in the US, she formed a band. The band went through several different variations, changing group members a few times while growing in order to find their footing. The band did receive some attention from regional music magazines, but the group never truly took off. However, the musical experience and the time promoting herself and the band, Doe Deere found a way to properly share her talent with the world, she just wanted to make sure it was the right talent that she could offer to the rest of the lovers of fashion. This is how Lime Crime on ilovelimecrime came to be. Lime Crime is an internal reflection on how Doe Deere likes to look and dress, but for the longer time, she had to go out and create her own makeups instead of being able to find the right colors and looks on her own. With Lime Crime, she has not only created makeup she wears everyday, but offers it to others who wish to be more expressive about themselves as well.

Bursts of color and fun color tones has often been off limits in the makeup world. While some might have put out the occasional brighter color of lipgloss or eye shadow, no company truly embraced the color or style that this colorful trend offered. Doe Deere recognized the potential for an opportunity, not only to help out herself but to help out others around her who have the same problem identifying the colors and looks for their needs. With the help of Lime Crime now though, it is finally possible to look how someone wants to.

The Lime Crime company offers a wide selection of different makeup styles. This does not just include lip and eye colors but also specially designed products for nails and really everything else that might go into cosmetics. So, if there is a product someone has been looking for but unable to locate, all they need to do is check out what Lime Crime can offer them and look into the company.

FreedomPop Will Be Able To Keep Making People Happy

FreedomPop is the perfect mobile service for those who want to be able to get a good deal for themselves. Anyone who wants to save money on their mobile service is going to be happy to discover FreedomPop, because this company offers mobile services for free. Yes, I said free.

FreedomPop is excited to share their services to those who are looking to get a good deal. They want to be able to help people to save money, and they have been able to do that for a lot of people, already. Many people believe in their services and all that they are doing, and they have proven that through the investments that they have put into this company. Their investors have given them $30 million to use to expand their company, and FreedomPop will be able to do a lot with that.

Not too many companies get that kind of support, and FreedomPop is lucky to have so many people believing in them. Or, maybe it isn’t about luck at all. I believe that the people who started FreedomPop had good heads on their shoulders. They knew what they had to do in order to make this company work, and they did all that they could for it. And now, thanks to the hard work that they put into starting up this company, they are able to expand it well beyond what it was to start out with.

FreedomPop is the best mobile service that anyone who is looking to get a good deal could ask for, and this company is about to make more and more people happy as they use the money that has been put into them to expand. They will be able to gain many new subscribers to their service, thanks to the $30 million they received in investments.

Purina Petcare Proudly Supports Green Practices

Purina Petcare’s commitment to health goes beyond the pet food bowl. As seen on the Purina Newscenter, the company was recognized as being one of the top ‘green’ companies based on it’s commitment to reducing packaging materials, installing solar panels in many of their offices and reducing water usage across the board.

The team at Purina PetCare not only makes and distributes one of the top pet foods in the world, but they are leaders in corporate responsibility. Their eco-mindedness is evident in the many earth-aware programs they have created or taken part in.

The Purina PetCare sponsored event “Together We Can” brought New York City artists together to celebrate their pets and love of pets through original art pieces created with recycled Friskies and Fancy Feast cat food cans and materials.

The company’s litter division has helped restore lands used in Tidy Cats Litter clay mining operations and the company was instrumental in reclaiming wetlands, forests, grassy fields and lakes for use in agriculture.

At a business level, Purina PetCare designed an energy-efficient florescent light fixture, which they distributed to all their North American warehouses for day-to-day use. Implementation of these types of energy saving programs has not only helped the environment, but they were able to lower the cost of lighting by 50 percent in the last ten years.

Eco-thinking isn’t a new idea for Purina PetCare. The company was the first national pet food company to reach out to consumers with incentive based programs to encourage the recycling of their pet food cans and various other materials.

During National Pet Month earlier this year, Purina Petcare associates helped build dog houses, scratching posts and toys for homeless pet populations around the St. Louis metropolitan area. The volunteers worked with several members of the community to encourage cooperation and caring for pets, the environment and to facilitate community bonding.

Purina Petcare changed the world of packaging forever with their first-ever molded paper litter jug. The jug itself is recyclable in most communities and is made up of recycled molded pulp material. The jug is 100 percent plastic-free. This new packaging not only addresses sustainability issues, but it also goes a step further and revolutionizes the packaging industry.

The litter itself is made from a combination of corncob and cedar so the whole package and contents combined create a complete eco-experience for environmentally aware cat owners.

With all the pioneer work and earth-friendly steps Purina Petcare makes, it is easy to see how their community awareness, innovative products and passion and commitment to pet health makes them a company that easily stands heads and tails above the rest.

Fersen Lambranho’s Story Should Inspire All Young People

Fersen Lambranho’s Story Should Inspire All Young People
I love hearing the success story of someone who has worked hard for themselves. It just feels so right when I read about someone who put so much time and effort into the career that they have built for themselves succeeding. Fersen Lambranho attended two different colleges to receive two degrees to help him out in his career. He spent the time learning so that one day he could be great. He knew that every effort that he put into learning would pay off one day when he was a successful businessman. And I believe that he made the right choice in spending so much time in school. He learned what he could back then, so that he can use his smarts now in the real world.

Fersen Lambranho

Fersen Lambranho is a Brazilian man who has made a big name for himself. After college he went on to do a lot of big things. One of the things that he has done is to make a company better than it was when he first started there. He has the smarts that were needed to improve his place of work, and he gave the job his all. And, thanks to the work that he did, he is now highly respected. Young people who are hoping to be entrepreneurs themselves one day look up to him. He is a mentor to them.

Fersen Lambranho

Fersen Lambranho started off by getting a good education, and when I look where it has taken him, I feel inspired. Not many people seem to value the help that a good education can offer them, nowadays. When people take a look at Fersen Lambranho’s career and the thins that he has learned and done because of the years that he spent in college, then maybe they will decide to do things that way, themselves.

Fersen Lambranho

Fersen Lambranho is a good mentor to the young people who are hoping to be entrepreneurs, and he is a good example to anyone who wants to be successful in their career. When someone can look up to him and the way that he has done things, then I think that they will be much more likely to succeed in the things that they are hoping to do for themselves.

Traits That Make Entrepreneurs Succeed In Business


Entrepreneurs contribute a lot to every economy especially in the U.S according to statistics. The greater percentage of employment and workforce is provided by entrepreneurial enterprises such as family and closely held businesses. They create up to about 64% of gross domestic product and 75% of the total new jobs. According to analysis by the Small Business Administration, approximately 99.7% of U.S. businesses have not more than 500 employees. These are typically the forms of companies established and managed by entrepreneurs.

It takes a lot for home based business owners to become successful. There are a few compelling traits that determine the type of entrepreneur you can make. Being a prominent and successful entrepreneur does not come through the thin air despite your perception of success. Such accomplished entrepreneurs have some common characteristics that are essential and inevitable. You can gauge yours with the ones explained below to see where you fit. It does not matter if you possess all of the traits since some of them can be learned. Mastering some of these traits takes plenty of practice, developing a triumphant attitude amidst setting goals through strategic planning to accomplish the goals in a realistic manner.

A vital character trait of entrepreneurs is that they plan each aspect of their businesses: from its establishment, implementation and control. They plan so as to gauge every business situation, carry out research and gather data and make analysis based on the data revealed amidst research. Entrepreneurs are very hardworking people, working approximately 50 hours a week. They are self-reliant and believe that every job is their task regardless of how difficult it is. They take risks in every situation till they transform into protectors of the status quo. They are confident and believe in themselves and in the decisions they make. They hold the ideology that even if a decision will negatively impact the business currently, it will be of great importance in the future. They believe in fair rewards and incentives for productivity as well as win-win situations. They do not work for a win-lose situations since they need to create long-term relationships with business partners.

Among the notable and serial entrepreneurs is Marc Sparks, the Chief Executive Officer, Director and Chairman of Unistar Financial Service Corp. as well as an associate of Executive and Compensation Committee. Mr. Sparks is well known for establishing and managing many insurance-related agencies. He has a comprehensive knowledge in different fields such as investment banking, surety bonding, insurance and premium finance. He is the founder of several companies such as International Surety & Casualty Company, U.S. Fidelity Holding Corp, Eagle Premium Finance Company among others.

Marc Sparks, the ‘entrepreneur’s entrepreneur’ is a professional at business planning and has helped many other companies achieve success through personal guidance. In his book ” They Can’t Eat You”, he provides knowledge to upcoming entrepreneurs all over the word on how to become a successful entrepreneur like himself.

Joseph Bismark and The Power of Positive Thinking

There is a lot of talk about positive thinking when it comes to life. However, the most accurate description of positive thinking comes from Joseph Bismark’s WordPress blog which I have read. Before I go into what Joseph Bismark has said about positive thinking, I must talk about the other things I have heard about positive thinking. Before I go there, I must write that I understand that nothing is going to work for everyone. There is no one size fits all deal. It is up to each individual to find his own solution to his own problems. No one can solve another person’s problems.

Among the things that I have heard about positive thinking, most of them do not work for me. One form of positive thinking that I have heard is the one where you denied that there is some problem to be solved. For me, it didn’t work because I have found that the problem is there staring right back at me and it often gets worse. Joseph Bismark has made a very powerful remark about positive thinking that has not only changed my perspective of positive thoughts, but it has also changed the perspective of other things in my life.

Joseph Bismark compared positive thinking to Michelangelo’s sculpture of David. Michelangelo reveals that the sculpture of David was always there. He just had to chip away the pieces in order to reveal the sculpture. Likewise, with positive thinking, the positive aspect is there. It is just buried in the negativity that needs to be removed. Joseph Bismark has used his positive thinking in order to take him very far. He speaks from experience. I personally believe that positive thinking does not mean that you lie to yourself thinking that there is no problem. Positive thinking is more along the lines of seeing that problem work towards your benefit in the long run.

The Evolving Mobile Wireless Services Technology

The mobile wireless service industry is constantly evolving. Remember the days when phones were the size of a small country? Now cell phones can be conveniently carried and a user can do all manner of applications with them, from finding a landmark to even purchasing goods and other services.

There’s a wide variety of data plans to choose from, and companies are creating more mobile hotspots for users, increasing cell phone practicality and usefulness. FreedomPop is at the cutting edge of customer offerings, making the experience of owning a cell phone along with its various services a pleasant one. FreedomPop was founded in July 2011 by Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar, headquartered in Los Angeles, with a noble purpose: to make efficient and affordable wireless services available to everyone, regardless of income.

Hot spots provide a seamless and easy connection between a cell phone, a lap top, a pad, and many more devices. While they can be found in restaurants, airports, coffee shops, and many other public places, people are also finding the convenience and practicality that having their own portable hot spot provides.

For instance, having a Wi Fi portable hot spot enables a user to access the Internet anywhere and anytime there’s a connection available. As of 2015 there are over 7 million hot spots world wide, many of them are individual hot spots created by using one’s own portable device, supported by either Android, Windows, Linux, or Apple OS technology.

A viable option for users is Hotspot 2.0, also known as Wi Fi Certified Passpoint, where public access is granted to users that enter a location featuring Hotspot 2.0. This particular type of Internet service offers much better on-demand services as well as faster bandwidth, where available. In addition many roaming services are expanding among hot spot service providers, such as FreedomPop. This enables users to easily access a variety of communication networks and also other hot spots from various other providers, increasing convenience.

Having a variety of data plans is another way wireless services are evolving over time. No longer do customers have to choose from prepaid plans, or a one-size-fits-all plan, that’s so 1999. You want 10 GB of data? You can have that, for a small fee. Unlimited texting can be sent to over 200 countries, with international texting features.

For those that handle a high amount of information, data can be conveniently stored in a cloud application, up to 25 GB of photos, contacts, and so much more data. Cloud data storage was a feature not available on wireless services as early as five years ago!

Furthermore, many data plans now offer unlimited text and talk, so no more worries about overages or about how many minutes are left over. How cool is that? FreedomPop offers that for their customers; one of their most popular offerings. With a plethora of plans to choose from, such as the ones conveniently offered by FreedomPop, a customer can connect up to 10 different devices and switch at any time. That’s practicality at its very best.

FreedomPop currently offers customers free 4G mobile phone service, free wireless Internet, and free home broadband, in addition to the aforementioned goods and services. They’re revolutionizing how communication is being done. Their team includes seasoned communications industry professionals committed to providing only the very best customer experience anywhere, as they have been effectively doing for over four years now.

FreedomPop’s creative and innovative business approach can be copied by others, but never equaled. Their Unlimited Everything plan is one of the most sought after services in the wireless phone industry. Its services run on three networks; on 4G Wi Max, Sprint LTE and on 3G CDMA – one reason why FreedomPop is one of the fastest growing wireless companies world wide, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Purina Is No Secret

I grew up in East Texas, and back then, everyone had what is referred to today as a farm. Some people are actually calling the way that we traditionally grew up as micro-farming. Now, this means that you produce a lot of food on a very small space. Then, it was that people were producing food based on a philosophy of nothing goes to waste, and this includes space. Additionally, these gardens were made to produce some form of food during the entire year. This includes small livestock like chickens and rabbits. The year-round gardens would fortify the diets of these animals throughout the winter months as well.

As I have grown up and moved away, I still keep a garden and some hens for eggs and as pets. However, this made me some sort of farming genius in the city. As I toured my newly found fans’ gardening projects, their animals were always a point of pride. However, I thought that I may have been struck by nostalgia, but I always thought of my livestock as better. This is especially true for the livestock that was produced in people’s yards all over East Texas. Our beef was even tied up in the yard on a long rope and halter.

Another problem that these city farmers have is that their livestock almost always has mites. They treat it, but its endemic, and they fault the conditions in the city for this problem. I inform them that I do not have these problems, and I live in the city also. It is not as urban as other cities around the country because cities in Texas still retain a large agricultural element. However, these people are trying all of the new farming practices and have forgotten practical experience. The crux of this experience is simply relying on the health and condition of the animals to guide their treatment.

An example of this failure in their techniques is the freed that they utilize. They simply assume because I do not have mite issues, and my animals are healthier and happier that I must have some sort of secret. I do not have a secret because utilizing the Purina brand of animal feed is a common thing where I am from. They have gotten away from the wholeness of Purina, and replaced it with the new-fangled ideas. Nutrition is where it starts and ends on any size farm or ranch, and Purina has not let generations of farmers down, not even city ones.

If you’re interested in learning more about one of my favorite companies around, check out the Purina News Center.

New York City Real Estate Has So Much To Offer

In New York City, sometimes, it can be hard to find a place to call your own. The problem is not that New York City is unpopular, the problem is that New York City is where everyone wants to live. New York City is as a hot as a place like Miami, and everyone wants to live there. Although it’s wonderful to try and get a place in New York City, it can be very difficult, especially for those who are not familiar with the area. There are many historical locations in New York City, but unfortunately, not every place has availability.

Anyone who is looking for real estate in New York City, it’s wise to hire a realtor to help with the search. A realtor to make a big difference when searching for real estate in the city, but you also have to choose the right realtor. If you’re looking for a larger setting to call your home, then you’ll want to hire TOWN Real Estate. TOWN Real Estate has been in the New York City area for five years, and they have extreme knowledge when it comes to NYC apartments for sale. Finding a luxury piece of real estate in New York City can be really difficult, without the right realtor.

You may end up searching for weeks or even months, without finding the real estate that is within your budget. If budget is not a concern, then maybe you just need the link necessary to help to get you to the right piece of property. TOWN Real Estate can give you that link, and they have many different properties available that are exclusive to their company only. Imagine being able to have a penthouse of your own that overlooks the city, but the only TOWN Real Estate has the listing.

If you choose to work with a TOWN Real Estate, you can easily find some of the most amazing places available in New York City. New York City is an amazing place to live, and many people want to call it home. Even those who already have a home in New York City, they may choose to move from one place to another, especially if they’re looking for more luxurious accommodations. Instead of running around on your own to find a great place in New York City, call the experts at TOWN Real Estate today.